LCS School Board


 Nicholas Cady - Vice President

As a pastor, church planter and missionary, Pastor Nick has a heart for the global mission of God. Having grown up in Denver, Nick spent 10 years as a missionary in Hungary, first working with refugees and then church planting and pastoring churches with Calvary Chapel. In 2012, Nick and his wife Rosemary moved to Longmont at the invitation of White Fields Community Church, where Nick serves as Senior Pastor. Nick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Theology from the University of Gloucestershire (England). 

Upon moving to Longmont, Nick and Rosemary discovered LCS and enrolled their oldest, an adopted son from Hungary, in the school. Balazs graduated from LCS in 2014. Nick has been a member of the LCS board since 2013 and has served in the role of Vice President since 2015. He believes in the mission and values of LCS and has seen first-hand the positive benefits that the school had on his son, both academically and spiritually. 

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