Longmont Christian Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The purpose of the PTO (Longmont Christian Parent Teacher Organization) is to manage fundraisers, promote school spirit and biblical principles, and show teachers and staff our appreciation and support.

This year's officers
  • President-DeAndrea Arndt
  • Vice President-Christina Roberts
  • Secretary-Sarah Smith
  • Treasurer-Candi Steel
The PTO is in charge of many fundraising events including: Warrior Dash/Jog-A-Thon, Book Fairs, Box Tops, and Milk Caps all which raise money for various needs the teachers and school may have. Please see the Everyday Fundraising page for more information on how you can support LCS through easy and fun ways to earn FREE money for the school.

The PTO also organizes the Back to School picnic in August and provides Teacher and Staff Lunches bi-monthly. 

To show our appreciation for the teachers and staff, we hold a Teacher Appreciation Week in April during which teachers are provided a breakfast or lunch and are showered with gifts. The PTO also matches any Christmas Gifts given to the staff up to $2,000. 

To promote school spirit and biblical principles, the PTO conducts a contest among students to create next year's Biblical Theme for the entire school. The students enter their idea for a scripture based theme and/or a design for a T-shirt. 

Also, the students who have demonstrated Scripture in Action are given awards for their outstanding display of Christ-like behavior throughout the school year. 

These are some out of the many things the PTO does throughout the year. We would invite anyone interested in participating to come to our meetings or contact us at pto@longmontchristian.org to find out ways to get involved. We meet first Friday of the month in the Library at 2PM. Even if you cannot attend the meetings but would like to help, there are many ways to get involved. Please contact us through email or call the office.

View our current PTO Newsletter