What is Scrip?
"Scrip" is a fancy word for gift cards.  One of the best things about raising money through our Scrip program is that NO extra money comes out of the pockets of our families.  Retailers sell Longmont Christian gift cards at a discount, and then we sell them to you at face value.  The difference between our discount price and the face value of the card turns into fundraising dollars for LCS.  

How does it work?  
Safeway sells LCS a $100 gift card for $96 (4% rebate).  LCS sells You a $100 gift card for $100.  The school just earned $4 and it cost you nothing.

How and when can I buy Scrip gift cards?
  1. At the school - LCS's Scrip program provides a wide variety of gift cards on demand for several
    restaurants and business in the are in our area.  Our Scrip coordinator, Aimee, ( is available Monday - Friday between 8:00 - 9:45 AM. You can purchase any of the Scrip cards we have in stock.  You can pay by cash, check or credit card
  2. Order through completing a form, and we'll have your cards available for you to pick up at the school or delivered to your child if you choose.
  3. Order online with SCRIP NOW and PRESTO PAY. Once you have an online account set up with and have established Presto Pay (linked to your checking account) – you can order SCRIP NOW from your computer or smart phone, and the gift card will be emailed to you within minutes. There are hundreds of national retailers offering SCRIP now – so it’s a great way to order SCRIP on the go when unexpected purchases come up or if we do not stock that gift card at the school. Visit and enter LCS enrollment code:  F164B712134L3.
Is Scrip Mandatory?
Each family at LCS is asked to participate in the Scrips program by purchasing an average of $350 per month ($3,500 per school year earning approximately $200) in gift cards. Basically, write your check to LCS instead of the retailer, then use your gift cards to pay for your purchases. If you choose not to participate, $200 will be added to your total tuition.