Some of the curriculum vendors at Longmont Christian School include the following:

A Beka

Over four decades ago, Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, started A Beka Book with the goal of providing high-quality traditional educational materials that would give students at their Christian school in Pensacola, Florida, a solid foundation for excellence in academics and success in life. At Pensacola Christian Academy—one of the largest Christian schools in America—teachers and parents have seen for several decades the excellent results of learning with A Beka.

What started with phonics-based readers and traditional arithmetic textbooks grew to comprise over 1,000 educational products from two-year-old preschool through twelfth grade for both Christian schools and homeschooling families. People with real experience teaching write all the A Beka Book textbooks, curriculum/lesson plans, and materials, helping students in homeschooling families around the world and in Christian schools of all sizes reach their learning potential.

Bob Jones

BJU Press is committed to Christian education. We support Christian educators by producing textbooks and materials that shape a Biblical worldview, are academically rigorous, encourage critical thinking, and are supported with technology solutions.

Saxon Math

For over 30 years, Saxon Math has been deliver- ing proven results for students.  The Saxon Math

curriculum has an incremental structure that distributes content through the year.  This integrated and connected approach provides deep, long-term mastery of the content and skills.

Summit Ministries

Building on the Rock is the first fully integrated worldview and Bible survey course for elementary school students. This unique curriculum is designed to help younger students begin to formulate and relate learned Bible facts with a genuine Christian worldview, while laying the groundwork for later comparative worldview studies.

Building on the Rock is designed to help students interpret knowledge and build foundational beliefs and values from a Christian perspective. In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical perspective of the world so that they will reflect the Scriptures both in their thoughts and in their actions.